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Is your dear car behaving a little odd lately? Do you feel the alignment going out of the way while being behind the wheel? Are the brakes giving you jerks or demanding stubborn pushes? Has the air conditioner stopped working as efficiently as it did some time back?

Well, there can be n number of other mechanical hitches going around in your vehicle, and there are equal chances that you already know about them or are still unaware. In either case, we are here to offer you the most spectacular and professional Car Repair Services Strathmore. Our accredited mechanics at Autotrac Pty Ltd are all geared up to make your car as good as new.

If you are wondering about the type of services we can offer you, well, we take pride in being the umbrella workstation by providing everything in one place. Here is a detailed look at our comprehensive Car Repair Strathmore facilities that are sure to enhance your riding experiences with us.

Car Repair Services Strathmore

Transmission and Engine Repairs

Engine and transmission are like the brain and heart of your vehicle without which it will be impossible to imagine the existence of a car. The entire functioning and power channelizing depend upon engine and transmission efficiency. So, if anything goes wrong with either of these, one is sure to pose driving risks beyond measure. Get away with such qualms and tragedies with the help of our certified repairers having a sharp eye for engine and transmission issues. Reach us worry-free if you have a specific requirement for a European car repair specialist Strathmore.

Customized Car Tuning Services

Are you one of those car fanatics who love to modify their car with the yearning for unique optimization and explicit performance? If yes, Autotrac Pty Ltd is the place to bring your car to for getting all types of tuning desires fulfilled proficiently. Be it about having better control over your driving or about the smoother response, higher fuel economy, or other configurations, we promise to live up to your request with great precision. We love rendering car tuning services and we are sure you will love getting it from us.

Transmission and Engine Repairs
Brake and Clutch Services

Brake and Clutch Services

Nobody wants to experience the horrific scenes from a movie or web series where the brakes of their car fail out of nowhere. Reach us today for Brake Repair Strathmore tasks from our experts to always be assured of safe driving and working brakes. Getting this service becomes more significant if your ride is habitual to off-roading, bumpy drives, or mountainous routes. Stay on the safer side by availing of our Brake and clutch repairs Strathmore service especially before taking your car out on a road trip or edgy outing.

Battery Charging and Repairs

As much as other functional components like transmission, engine, brakes, etc., even the battery is one of the most crucial parts of any car. Faulty wiring , damaged battery, ineffective battery, and plenty of other reasons can creep in that can eventually hamper the functioning of your vehicle. Our professionals and battery charging system will be quick to tackle such a problem after which you will be able to drive your car seamlessly again. Our Autotrac Pty Ltd station is always open for any kind of battery issues.

Air Conditioning Service

We all know driving a vehicle without an efficient air conditioner can feel as sour as vinegar and Autotrac Pty Ltd does not want you to keep relating to that situation. Regular usage, natural downgrading over time, mechanical faults, entry of unwanted dirt in the air vents, or other reasons can decrease the efficiency of your car’s AC. If you feel that the AC is not blowing hot or cold enough, it is time to get it fixed. Be assured of the best Air Conditioning Service Strathmore with the help of our professional repairers.

Denting Repairs

Apart from the mechanical repairs, we are more than glad to offer you aesthetic services for your precious vehicle as well. We understand how even a small dent can ruin the overall beauty of your loving ride. Let us get in charge and give our best to undo the damage that has happened. At Autotrac Pty Ltd, we focus on using advanced methods to preserve and bring back the beauty of your vehicle. No matter whatever does it take, our licensed men will extract you the best Paintless Dent Repair Strathmore service.

Inspection Services

It becomes highly imperative to check the car in and out thoroughly well before trading it off. It does not matter if you are on the buying or selling side, you must get the vehicle inspected by experts like ours. There are chances that some intricate details get missed during self-checks. Our professionals have vast knowledge about all parameters that can make or break a deal. Get an honest opinion from us with our Pre-Sale and Pre-Purchase Inspections Strathmore. Add more value to the car by letting us find and repair the damages if any.

Other Utility Services

As we said above that we want to be the one ultimate stop for your vehicle-related requirements, we are here with services that do not involve repairing or inspecting. You can also ask for phenomenal Fleet Management Strathmore facilities from the generous staff at Autotrac Pty Ltd. Minimize your operational cost or other risks by outsourcing fleet management tasks to us. We have been rendering complaint-free services even as a Valet Car Park Strathmore provider for a long time.

More About Us

You can anytime browse our official website to delve into our services other than the ones listed in the upper section of this article. Even if you do not find a specific job, we will be more than happy to hear from you. We promise to offer you the most professional service only through licensed and well-trained mechanics. We specialize in any kind of service pertaining to European car repair Strathmore. Autotrac Pty Ltd is here to enhance the performance of your ride in every possible way. Contact us today for any queries.