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Pre-Sale Car Detailing

Do you want the best price for your old car? Autotrac offers affordable pre-sale car detailing that can add hundreds and thousands of dollars to the sale price of your old car. When selling an old car, the first impression matters a lot, and our specialists offer detailed services that ensure your vehicle standard out from the crowd.

Over 100 steps in the pre-sale car detailing process ensure every inch receives detailed attention and care. Starting from a deep wash, followed by interior and exterior detailing and even custom detailing, your car will likely get professional detailing that can help maximize its market value.

The car detailing also includes a full makeover where the blemishes and paintwork are taken care of, and the hard work will pay off when the final polish is added. Autotrac performs a comprehensive detailing of your old car for the best results and price in the market. The professionals never leave any stone unturned to give your old car the best makeover. So, opt for a comprehensive pre-sale car detail service at Autotrac to give your old car a new look before selling it.

Pre-Sale Car Detailing
pre sale car detailing

What is Pre-Sale Car Detailing Service?

The Pre-Sale Car Detailing service is a full car detailing process with engine bay wipe-over. It is a crucial process for old cars, especially if you want the best sale price. However, the car detailing service is not only limited to old cars. Still, it is also beneficial for pre-owned cars or used cars because it helps owners to start from a robust base and identify the major issues in the car which you skipped when purchasing it.

A full car detailing service also benefits vehicles after a long family vacation. Mainly, Pre-Sale Car Detailing Melbourne opts for old cars that you are planning to sell and want to get a higher price for the old car.

So, car owners who want to sell their car for a high price must opt for the car detailing services at Autotrac, as it helps them sell their vehicle for hundreds and thousands more than the original asking price.

Key Highlights of Pre-Sale Car Detailing!

  • Leather seats are cleaned and conditioned professionally
  • Shampooing the carpets and seats
  • Washing and polishing of exterior with optional engine-bay cleaning
  • Pressure rinsing of the exterior, including the wheel arches
  • Chamois dry
  • Vacuuming and dusting of the interior, including the boot place
  • Mud flaps and gloss tires, cleaning windows, and deodorizing interiors
  • Paintwork and polishing with chrome polish

What Does Pre-Sale Car Detailing Include?

  • High Pressure Clean – The professionals use commercial grade high-pressure water to clean the exterior and remove the dirt, dust and lose particles for cleaning. It reduces the likelihood of abrasive particles scratching the paintwork.
  • Ph stabilized hand wash cleans the exterior using microfiber wash mitts. Two bucket method to clean the exterior and microfiber towel drying.
  • Wheels are pre-soaked and washed with acid-free chemicals to remove the stubborn brake dust, and arches are scrubbed and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Tire dressing using high gloss and durable tire shiner. Matt finish is possible, but it is offered only when demanded.
  • Exterior glass streak-free cleaning and premium hand polishing remove the gloss and minimize the possibility of scratches.
  • The boot, door, and jambs are degreased and cleaned properly.
  • The engine bay cleaning is offered, and the opt-in service is also offered.
  • The door entries are hand polished to reduce the wear marks and remove the dirt.
  • Exterior plastic treatment with tar and bug removal.

Interior Pre-Sale Car Detailing

  • Vacuuming the boot and cabin with door trims are scrubbed for proper cleaning.
  • Console and dashboard cleaning, including all panels, are wiped, and dirt is removed.
  • Deodorizing the interior to ensure zero fragrance
  • The cup holders and ashtrays are cleaned.
  • Professional deep extraction with shampooing all fabric seats, cabin floors, carpets, and factory mats. The interior leather parts are pre-soaked and scrubbed using bristle leather brushes. Different strength leather cleaner is used to clean the leather parts inside the car.
  • Automotive conditioners are used for interior leather cleaning.
  • Air vents, AC vents, consoles, and dashboards are cleaned.
  • Interior plastic works to protect them from UV rays, and optional gloss plastic dressing for the interior at no cost.
  • High pressure dry steam cleaning for interior.
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What are the Popular Add-ons in Pre-Sale Car Detailing?

  • Engine Bay Cleaning – Engine Bay Cleaning is the popular add-on offered when car owners demand. The service is offered with Melbourne Pre-Sale Car Detail, including cleaning the bay area of your car’s engine. Cleaning the engine bay needs high-pressure water, and by including it in the package, you agree to take up the risk of water damage or ingress into your car. The option voids the warranty on your car’s engine, and you won’t get any coverage for water damage in your engine. So, don’t include the option in your package if you don’t want to void the warranty.
  • Paint Protection Maintenance – It is a paint protection maintenance service that can be used to protect your car’s paint and can be included in any packages of Pre-Sale Car Detailing Essendon. It helps to enhance the paint coating and make your car look brand new.
  • Matte Finish Tire Shine – This option gives your tires a brand-new look.
  • High Gloss Interior Plastic Treatment – The option mimics the factory look and minimizes the reflected glare. But, the owner who wants to achieve the gloss look must opt for the high gloss to add a glossy look to their care’s interior.
  • Headlight Restoration – It is another popular option included in Pre-Sale Car Detailing. It is a three-step process including the best practices, dual wet sanding, machine polishing, and sealing with UV coating to enhance the clarity and look.
  • Upgrading to Silica Sealant – The professionally applied durable synthetic silica sealant offers protection and enhances the silky and shiny coating for a noticeable gloss. It protects the paintwork for 2-3 months.
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Pre-Sale Car Detailing is undoubtedly the best contributor to retaining the value and heightening the sale price. It is a crucial factor for your old car that you want to sell in the market. It is a comprehensive detailing service that prepares the car to get sold quickly and faster.

The professionals take care of all small details and paintwork while ensuring that no stone is left unturned to maximize its look and asking sale price. In addition, Autotrac is equipped with qualified and trained mechanics and professionals who take every care of your old car during the Pre-Sale Car Detail process.

The professionals prideful present your old car at its finest look and guarantee peace of mind with a 100% zero-fee if owners are dissatisfied. So, add thousands to your vehicle’s sale value and guarantee your old vehicle gets sold faster at a higher price with Autotract Pre-Sale Car Detailing.

On average, each car owner will manage to sell their old car for hundreds and thousands more than the asking price in less than 48-72 hours. So, when looking for Pre-Sale Car Detailing Near Me, consider the name Autotrac. Then, complete the online inquiry form and book an appointment with our professionals for a professional detailing service at an affordable rate. We assure to deliver reliable services to enhance the price of your old car.