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Sharing the Best Car Maintenance Tips for New Car Owners

The need for maintaining a car is known to every owner, especially when they have been driving a vehicle for several years now. However, if you are new to this driving phase and just had your moment of joy by buying your first car ever, we are here to guide you through. First of all, grand congratulations to you for the new ride, and welcome to the driving club.

Now that you are done with the purchase formalities, it is time to learn the most appreciating tips to maintain your car. Even if the delivery of your vehicle is still pending, you can read this post and stay prepared beforehand for the best upkeep of your precious car. Our experts at Autotrac Pty Ltd have compiled this guide sharing the best car maintenance tips, especially for new car owners.

Are you wondering how you can rely on us with your first car?
Let us introduce ourselves first then! We are a team of certified members offering Car Repair Services Tullamarine of all kinds for the past 30 years. Believing in community benefit, we swear by our sincere opinions, updated technology, extensive experience, and specialized knowledge to fix any type of vehicular issue. It is our pleasure to have a success rate of 98% repairs along with 97.8% of past clients returning for regular services.

Moving ahead, if you have gained enough confidence in us, we would be happy to help you with our car maintenance tips, especially if you have never done this before.

The best car maintenance tips for new car owners

Never forget about the logbook

Since your vehicle is brand new right now, it is expected that there are no faults that you need to get fixed right away. Thus, we want to bring your focus to the log book that new buyers receive with the car’s owner’s manual. Keeping this updated every time you get a regular maintenance service or any Car Repair Tullamarine done in the future will become a mandate for warranty checks. As a newbie, if you find any difficulty or confusion, we are here to help you. Our well-informed engineers and qualified mechanics can do this job timely and efficiently for you.

Put reminders for necessary services

It all starts with looking after your car even from day one. Owners who keep a sharp eye on the service schedules of their cars from the beginning are the ones who are able to extend the lives of their vehicles to a lengthy extent. Your car will have to undergo maintenance services at regular intervals of time irrespective of the fact how well or often you drive it. Getting such services timely will improve functional and fuel efficiencies. Book your appointments for brake checks, battery charging, Air Conditioning Service Tullamarine, etc. with our experts.

Be vigilant about unusual sights

After having your car for some time, you will have to be attentive to any unusual thing happening to your car. These indications may or may not happen to everyone depending upon the cars built, driving methods, road conditions, regular upkeep, and so on. However, you might want to keep a check on the smoothness of brakes, engine overheating, uncalled fumes, AC coolness, oil leakage, etc. Do not delay reporting any kind of suspicion as it may get aggravated if ignored. Our certified mechanics will render the best fixes including Brake Repair Tullamarine.

Choose a trusted service for valet needs

There can be an occasion when you have to seek valet services which would mean handing over your precious car to an unknown party. Usually, people hire a personalized valet service when they are visiting the airport either to board a flight or for a quick meet & greet session. This usually requires the car owner to go through the hassles of parking the car at a far-off parking spot and walking back to the airport’s main gate. Things become tougher when it involves aged people, babies, heavy luggage, or sickness.

Autotrac Pty Ltd is rendering trustworthy Valet Car Park Tullamarine facilities for a very long time. Our clients have rated our valet services highly. You will never have to worry about anything because we document everything for your paramount trust.

Prefer a repairer offering technological improvements

The updated technology has proved to be utterly beneficial for all and car repairs are no exception. It has become super easy, quick, and efficient to get car repairs with the help of technological improvements. Therefore, at Autotrac Pty Ltd, we try our best to offer you the latest ways of repairing any part of the car. From Paintless Dent Repair Tullamarine to extensive coding, we have a plethora of advanced facilities for your vehicle. Refer to our certified expert to know more about this cost-effective and quick paintless dent service.

Stay informed about other services

It may so happen that a car owner is yet to know about the types of services available for the upkeep of their dear vehicle. Many times, people are unaware of other facilities offered by a workstation. Talking about Autotrac Pty Ltd, we are glad to be offering all vehicular services under one roof. We have a dedicated team who looks keenly well after other services like Fleet Management Tullamarine, Pre-Purchase Inspections Tullamarine, vehicle storage, steering, tuning, and several other services.

Key takeaway

As a new car owner, one is bound to feel overwhelmed with joy and assume everything is fine with their car even after a year or so. But, you must get your car inspected by professionals regularly to maintain your car’s life, efficiency, and quality. Usually, one has to avail of the basic service after half a year, full service after a year, and major service after two years. However, it is always in the best interest of your car that you keep in touch with our licensed and experienced car inspection professional once in six weeks for the best car driving experience.

Contact us for any doubts or services; we will be readily available to assist you.