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Improve the Performance of Your Car with Our Special Tuning Services

The craze around car modification has been around for a very long time. Car fanatics have always wanted something extra and unique in their automobiles that could make others go all wow instantly. From improving the outlook to enhancing the performance, everything has always been more like a culture for car lovers.

However, sometimes the modifiers do not realize that the variations they are looking for can do more harm than good. This is why we have taken the responsibility of weighing the pros and cons of the asked vehicle performance tuning for your best decision. Have a hearty talk with our tuning experts at Autotrac Pty. Ltd. to know if you are having feasible or dreadful expectations. Let’s dig into this more!

What is meant by tuning a car?

Car enthusiasts would know this urge of getting their beasts improved performance-wise to experience a smooth ride, better driving control, enhanced fuel economy, and plenty of other upgrades in their automobiles. It also includes modifying the engine to generate more power for turbo perks. Thus, whenever a car owner gets something done to their car cosmetically or functionally, it comes under the purview of car tuning where the intention is the enrichment of the car’s overall utility.

If you have any fancy desires, our tuning specialists are all geared up to bring your fantasy into reality in the best possible manner without harming your dear vehicle or without voiding your warranty. Things like remapping, superchargers, computer chips, and numerous other enhancements are the core strengths of our Autotrac Pty. Ltd. technicians.

Why do people opt for car tuning or remapping?

It is a very wise thing to ask because if such improvements were required initially, then why do the manufacturers not take account of the same. Why is there a need to look for a car tuning near me option?

Well, the reason is that if an automobile manufacturer had to include all such sought improvements, it would have meant compromising on the drivability ease, exhaust emission, horsepower yield, fuel efficiency, fuel quality, maintenance requirements, and performance of other components.

Contrarily, the manufacturers must comply with the industry standards and safety of the car users. Therefore, to strike a balance between a car’s performance and user safety, the makers have to compromise certain specifications including the engine’s power capacity.

But, our adept and licensed mechanics are here to change the game a bit for you in the most meticulous way. Our well-versed team will always conduct a careful analysis before implementing the tuning services you are looking for. This will help you in knowing if your vehicle can bear the car tune up service or not. If yes, we will be more than glad to bring your vehicle to our Autotrac Pty. Ltd. workstation and turn it into the beast you have expected.

What can our tuning experts do for you?

We have been adaptation vehicle improvement services in mixed spheres for a while now. It is our delight to have been recommended repeatedly by our previous clients. They sit with us, share their tuning wishes, and watch us do the same in the way they wanted. Things do not end here with us; we are always there to provide after-care services also so that the tuning done by us does not interrupt your driving control or safety. Our exceptional performance car tuning Melbourne services are inclusive and not restrictive of the following:-

  • Remap vehicle software
  • Ensure drive control
  • Amplify fuel economy
  • Add to the horsepower
  • Enhance the torque of the engine
  • Improve the response rate of the throttle
  • Infuse elements for safer and smoother overtaking
  • And many other overall performance techniques

If you have a doubt, do not contain it in your mind. Talk to our qualified and experienced automobile engineers for a satisfactory reply. Years of practice and deep study of automobile parts have given us the leverage of guiding you about tuning options superlatively. Give us a timeframe and we will execute the discussed performance car tuning Melbourne professionally, timely, and safely.

Here are a few things in the technical sense that you may find helpful to know, especially as a first-timer or a new learner. Our engineers and staff excel in the following services.

ECU Tuning

ECU means Engine Control Unit; so, when it comes to ECU tuning, it indicates adding more power to the engine for the vehicle’s better performance. The manufacturers have to consider the typical regional geographic conditions; thus, they have to compromise on the engine power to match them. But, you can stop by Autotrac Pty. Ltd. to get EVU remapping to the highest potential and maximum torque utility.

DPF Tuning

Our car Tuning Essendon is also about improving the performance of Diesel Particulate Filters that are responsible for collecting the exhaust soot, reducing toxic emissions, and preventing the black smoke. Even governments have made it a legal mandate to protect the environment and the safety of users. But, there still can be scope for lag or compromise in DPF installations due to manufacturing setbacks. Let us add more enrichment here.

Chip Tuning

This is sometimes assumed to be as same as ECU remapping; it is different. The result might be more or less the same, but the difference between ECU and Chip tuning lies in the method of how they are done. Here, the chips are tuned electronically within the ECU with newer data for better and advanced performance. If you are looking for incredible car performance tuning near me for an old car, this is probably the best thing to get from our specialists.

Other Tuning

We have had the pleasure of coming across car fanatics who have wowed concepts about tuning. It was our delight to listen to their requests and execute the same with utmost satisfaction, caution, and precision. So, the above-mentioned options are just a sneak peek of what marvel we can bring to your vehicle. Let us know if there is anything else on your mind; we will go ahead with deep automobile knowledge, certified technicians, and the right skills.

Prestige Tuning

It is very common to be hesitant while getting anything done to one’s prestige cars. If you yearn for European car tuning Melbourne, we assure you seamless and without error service at Autotrac Pty. Ltd. Our technicians are automobile enthusiasts that have always had a great success rate in tuning even prestige cars, European cars, and any other type of four-wheeler. Your dear ride will always be safe in our hands.

Why should you choose us?

There are endless options in the market for car suspension tuning or other services. But Autotrac Pty. Ltd. is distinctively professional because we believe in establishing a strong relationship with our clients, which is only possible through dedicated work, faultless execution, and timely delivery.

We have a holistic team of inspection experts, certified technicians, learned engineers, licensed workers, and warm presenters. We believe in listening to you more and putting in everything for a service that you had always imagined for your car. You may or may not have a pre-defined car tuning Melbourne idea, we will always be there as your best guides. Contact for further details.