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Transmission and Engine Repairs- Rebuild Or Replace?
Warning Signs, Solutions, and More!

Having a car is a joy in itself, but there can be some instances of breakdowns with it also. With such complex anatomy, umpteen mechanical parts, several electrical connections, and whatnot, one cannot expect their car to be trouble-free throughout the vehicle life. Normal wear and tear, scratches, punctures, and every other issue are very common with automobiles because of their mechanic make. However, the most dreading trouble for an owner can come as the need for engine and transmission repair.

If these words have left you haunted or clueless, Autotrac Pty. Ltd. professionals are here to ease out the creases for you. Let us guide you through this tough and challenging task with utmost ease and sheer sincerity.

About transmission in your vehicle

First things first, it is necessary to clear the concept of transmission before proceeding. It is a device that is largely responsible to make your vehicle in a functional state. A transmission transmits power from the car’s engine to the car’s wheels via a driveshaft. Thus, it will be correct to say that a transmission is always working in a high temperature, heated, and pressurized condition. Any problem in this device can lead to uselessness or accidental state of the entire vehicle. So, it is always advised to get it fixed as soon as possible.

Should you replace a transmission or repair it?

It is probably one of the most-asked questions by a car owner because everybody has their side to this question. Here are some arguments that can help you in deciding on your own in this context.

Suitability of replacing a transmission

Our expert worker will analyze the damage that happened to the transmission of your car first of all. He will see what sub-parts are required to be replaced which usually includes the gaskets and rubber components. It is a complex task where we are keenly devoted to replacing only those parts that are mandatory; we never outdo things unnecessarily to avoid voiding your car warranty. We suggest replacements only when repairing cannot bring enough relief for you.

Suitability of repairing a transmission

On the other hand, there is the option of repairing a transmission which is the usual course of action in a transmission failure. The reason is that finding and reinstalling the perfect transmission for the same car is not a feasible concept. There is a possibility of a shortage of updated and improved parts which further makes the replacement tough and repairing an easier thing to do. Even your prestigious cars will be in our safe hands for any such repairs.

Let us set it right for you with our gained expertise!

People may decide to repair or replace other defects in their automobile, but when it comes to transmission, it will not be a wise idea to let an amateur or layman take charge. At, Autotrac Pty. Ltd., you will find the best and safest engine and transmission repair near me option right at the moment you need it. We will never put you through hassles or unjustified repairing services.

Are there any signs that a car driver or owner can notice to detect transmission failures?

Since transmission defects can be risky, it is of utmost importance to get them inspected and fixed with the help of a competent mechanic like ours. But, how can a person know that a transmission breakdown has occurred? Are there warning signs? Are they noticeable? Yes, there are some indications that you can trace or experience to know about transmission damages. We have listed them for you in the below portion.

Leakage of dirtied fluid

This is probably one of the loudest alarms and very much noticeable. Some people call us and tell us that there were spots of dark liquid where they had parked their car. Well, our experts are quick to revert that it is a sure case of transmission fault causing the fluid to leak. For some cars, the color of the fluid can be rusty red or rusty brown, while for others it could be brownish-black. The transmission takes the help of this fluid to supply the power to the wheels. So, the leakage of this fluid directly impacts the performance of transmission negatively. Reach us as early as possible to avoid further damage.

Delayed response after switching gears

When a driver switches between gears, he expects an instant response from his car. However, sometimes there can be odd delays in this workflow. You will have to verify the same while shifting gears for example by putting the reverse gear. Notice if there was any pause or not; if yes, it is probably a scene of transmission breakdown. But, many times the issue can be in the clutch instead of the transmission if you have a manual car. Autotrac Pty. Ltd promises to convey to you the real problem and charge you for nothing more.

The odd smoky smell from the car

Any kind of burning smell is indeed a clear indication of something wrong with your car. The reason does not necessarily have to be about the transmission problem, but whatever it may be, take it as a serious concern. Never ignore the odd or smoky smell from your car; it is in any way a serious concern requiring immediate attention. In some cases, we have found it to be a call for transmission fixing. So, if you are looking for engine and transmission repair Essendon services after burning smell, we are just an appointment away.

Noises out of nowhere

Another very confusing state can be when you hear strange noises from your car. It can be while you shift gears, press the clutch, pull the hand brake, or various other actions. Though it is not always a point of panic, you must call our professional for a quick piece of information. We are sure that our specialized worker will be able to tell the source of the problem when you narrate the type of noise. Noise during shifting gears is most likely to be a sign of transmission fault; so, never ignore it or you await further problems.

Warning through engine light

Cars nowadays come with advanced options where the car itself notifies you about certain requirements. An orange light is one of such phenomenal and helpful features that are inserted to warn you about the need to get the engine of the car serviced as soon as possible. Yes, you might think that it is only about an engine problem, so how can it be an indication of a transmission fix. But, the underlying point is that even the engine is not getting enough power supply which is the primary role of the transmission itself.

These are some of the few hints that you can easily notice; there can be silent signs also that only an expert can identify upon inspection. Thus, it is always wise to never miss the service schedules of your car so that the attendants can see if there is anything wrong with your car. We are here to reverse any kind of engine and transmission repair Melbourne proficiently and correctly. Contact us for more details.