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Answering Common Questions about the Crucial Parts of Your Car

Do you feel clueless when it comes to the names and working of the components of your car? Or does it get difficult to know when is the right time to take your vehicle to an expert mechanic? Do you also miscalculate the timings for the oil change or AC service? It is perfectly okay if you said yes because knowing all these things takes time and specified courses. It is our absolute delight to have learned such mechanical concepts and gained ample experience so that we can render the best Car Repair Brunswick West facilities for you.

The breakdown of a vehicle can be one of the most upsetting things to happen on any given day. If you are looking for quick yet professional fixes, you can drive your vehicle to our workstation Autotrac Pty Ltd. Our fully trained team will be there to pinpoint the fault and repair it like nobody else. However, there is no harm in adding to your knowledge and you may gain some information for your use.

We have picked up the most common questions along with the answers by our experts that would suffice for your basic understanding.

When should I take my car to a repair workstation?

It is not easy to decide if your vehicle necessarily needs an immediate visit to the workstation or if it can wait till you finish your office work or other priority tasks. However, we suggest availing of our Car Repair Services Brunswick West as soon as you have a suspicion about the probable breakdown. The reason is that even a small mechanical or electrical problem in a car can get aggravated in no time. If you are too occupied at the moment, you may share details along with a picture (if possible) with us to know the urgency of the situation.

When should I get the brakes of my car checked?

The usual recommendation is to get the car brakes checked every 6 months. But, if you are an aggressive driver or you take edgy or mountain trips, it is necessary to get the brakes inspected by a professional like ours more often. However, you may also look for some alarming indications to know if you need to avail of our Brake Repair Brunswick West service. Hard press, delayed response, jerky vibrations, shrieking sound, etc. are some signs calling for instant fixes. Consult our specialist for brake pads also.

Is it necessary to change the oil in my car?

The car’s oil is responsible for keeping the vehicle in a functional position for a long by impacting the engine. And, the oil tends to degrade over time even if you are driving your car less. So, if you ignore changing the oil, there are ample chances of lesser mileage, heating issues, corrosion, breakdown, and more. At Autotrac Pty Ltd, we offer oil-changing services efficiently to extend the life of your vehicle, its engine, and other parts.

What will happen if I do not get the AC of my car serviced?

The filters in a car AC get dirty over time that must be cleaned periodically. Ignoring AC service can lead to issues like lesser cooling, the formation of ice on the coils, extra consumption of fuel, and even lost effectiveness. Our licensed and trained workers are proficient providers of Air Conditioning Service Brunswick West. We will remove impurities from the AC filter thoroughly well and also check for other problems like gas leakages, etc.

Is paintless dent repair worth it?

Nobody likes their car getting dented. But, if such a scenario has already taken place, we highly recommend trying the PDR or Paintless Dent repair technology. This technique is like a boon, especially for small dents. Getting this service from our certified workers at Autotrac Pty Ltd will give you plenty of benefits including cost-effectiveness, quick solution, and staying environmentally friendly. Enjoy this affordably effective Paintless Dent Repair Brunswick West method devoid of toxins to get away with dents quickly with us.

Is it possible to ask for pre-purchase car inspections?

It is wise of you to think about pre-purchase car inspections because you do not want to spend your hard-earned money on a vehicle that is not even worth a cent. Understandably, it gets cumbersome to inspect a vehicle if the buyer or user is from a non-technical or non-mechanical background. Do not worry if you are in such a tight spot; we are here with our practiced and knowledgeable members to guide you sincerely. Always avail of our Pre-Purchase Inspections Brunswick West to ensure a safe and worthy purchase.

How often should I get the transmission serviced?

You can get transmission services either after two years or when your vehicle covers 50,000 km. But, you will have to go for such services a little earlier and more often if your car is used to rough roads or extreme conditions. The reason is that a vehicle and its engine are designed specifically for urban roads and other conditions. So, if your car is driving through extra crowds, patchy roads, hilly areas, or other such harsh situations regularly, it will demand transmission services early. Get in touch with our certified technician at Autotrac Pty Ltd for more info.

Do you offer valet services?

We are running Autotrac Pty Ltd for more than thirty years now, and we have been adding more services to cater to your needs professionally well. Keeping in the notice the market demand, we added other non-repairing car services like Valet Car Park Brunswick West, vehicle storage, airport pickup/ drop off, and Fleet Management Brunswick West. You will never have to worry about driving skills or trust matters with us. We ensure proper paperwork and hire only licensed drivers to protect your best interest.

If you have more queries about other parts of a vehicle like battery, steering, tuning, etc., you may submit the same to our 24/7 customer care staff. We will get back to you in the shortest possible time. You can also call us at 03 9379 8833 for an instant response.