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Fleet Management

The easy way to cut down your overheads and free up your time is by hiring Fleet management services. Fleet management can be a constant waste of resources when you do it in-house. By outsourcing and partnering with Autotrac, one can benefit from the experienced team of fleet managers dedicated to enhancing efficiency.

Being the Fleet Management Services leader, Autotrac has consistently offered unrivaled options and services to Australian companies. The flexibility and rich experience in the niche help offer award-winning solutions and services, making the process safer, simpler, and affordable.

With complete access to insights, Autotrac can offer customized services that help clients adapt to the changes and get higher value in their businesses. The fleet managers understand the involved risks and protect the business, fleets, and financial security.

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What Will We Take Care Of?

Autotrac conducts a regular audit to determine the best ways to heighten the Car Fleet Management. As a result, our experienced fleet managers help you choose the best options to keep your business operations smooth and at full potential.

Apart from maintenance, and continuous monitoring with real-time data, the fleet managers also offer other related services to scale up your fleets with award-winning services.

  • The fleet managers focus on mitigating the risk with infringements and registration management
  • Minimizes the financial costs with wide-ranging finance choices
  • Enhances the cash flow with excellent fleet discounts on maintenance, fuel, and roadside assistance
  • Get real-time support from experienced and talented account managers
  • Minimize the administration time with all-inclusive reporting
  • Exclusive online support with business intelligence reporting services

Full-Proof and Maintenance Fleet Management Lifecycle at Autotrac!

Starting the Services

Quoting, Vehicle Purchasing, and Contract Preparation

On-Road Services

Vehicle Delivery, Insurance, Infringements and Registration, Fuel Cards and E-Tags

Vehicle Sale

Vehicle Remarketing

Ongoing Fleet Management

Repairing and Maintenance, 24/7 Roadside Assistance, Defects and Recalls, Integrated Telematics, and Crash Management

Customer Services

Account Management, Reporting, and FBT Management

These are the Fleet Management Solutions you can expect at Autotrac. There are some additional solutions for our clients, including:

Finance & Leasing

Autotrac offers a wide range of financing choices and rich expertise to help clients make the best purchasing decisions for fleets.

Integrated Telematics

Autotrac combines advanced GPS technology with exception reporting, vehicle fleet management, and integrated driver management.

Driving Business Intelligence

Autotrac BI offers clients the strategic edge to get crucial insights to manage the expenditure and heighten the efficiency.

Our clients can enjoy these additional services, along with professional fleet management services.

Why Choose Autotrac Fleet Management?

We keep Australian business moving with our integrated and advanced Fleet Management Australia. Clients’ needs are at the heart of our services, and we put all efforts into developing innovative, customized solutions for clients. With rich expertise and rich experience in the niche, we ensure to offer reliable, safe, effective, and transparent Vehicle Fleet Management services.

Undertaking the Risks

Protecting your employees, fleets, and financial security is the major focus of our fleet managers. We put all efforts into protecting assets and people as the safety of drivers and vehicles is our priority.

Enhanced Flexibility

Our fleet managers unveil all the opportunities for you and promptly respond to the customer’s needs. Regardless of the complexity of fleet needs, we customize the services to offer flexible solutions tailored changing needs of businesses and consumers.

Complete Transparency

Whether it is Toyota Fleet Management Melbourne or any other vehicle management, we understand the fleet’s safety, performance and costs, thereby offering transparent services. With transparency, clients can prevent budget surprises and enjoy higher certainty. With creative technology platforms and award-winning services, one can have higher visibility of the entire fleet.

Increased Confidence

We provide the required services, giving the confidence to keep the business moving under all circumstances. Regardless of the complex requirements and conditions of operating fleet services, reliable services and solutions give confidence in all aspects of managing and operating the fleets.

Autotrac has fleet management solutions for all industries. We take care of day-to-day fleet management via flexible leasing, mobility solutions, and rental services that minimize the operational costs and burden of Fleet Management Essendon.

Autotrac has integrated services you can trust as we offer unparalleled and customized services to meet the demands and needs of all businesses. Apart from traditional Fleet Management, Autotrac also scrutinizes each fleet and vehicle and suggests which fleet option is best and most efficient for each customer depending upon the nature of their business. Before hiring our services, understand how it works:

  • Autotrac conducts regular audits and inspections to find the best way to enhance fleet management.
  • With the help of rich experiences, we help clients choose the right vehicle to keep their business functional with full potential in all situations.
  • The fleet managers also take care of maintenance, road-side assistance, and other considerations throughout the lifecycle of the fleet,
  • The expert technicians monitor fleets continuously and provide real-time data via award-winning platforms to keep managers updated.

What is included in Our Fleet Management Solutions?

Autotrac fleet management solutions encompass a wide spectrum of in-life vehicle services linked with the management of the fleet, including:

  • Procurement of vehicles
  • Ongoing and initial registration, including CTP
  • Maintenance and repairing management
  • 24/7 road-side management with tire management services
  • Fuel reporting and fuel card services
  • Basic accident and claim management
  • E-Tag and Tolling management
  • Vehicle recall notice management
  • Infringement management
  • FBT management and reporting
  • Battery and windscreen replacement
  • Fleet companion app
  • Account managers for account management
  • Strategic account reviewing and analyzing
  • Exclusive fleet reporting

These are some of the services that are included in our fleet management.

Get the Best Fleet Management Services with Autotrac!

If your business or industry requires lots of vehicles traveling to different areas, it will become challenging to track and manage your fleet without a full-proof solution; this is where Autotrac Car Fleet Management can be a great help. With an effective and proven method, fleet managers can monitor the fleet regardless of location.

Autotrac offers extensive fleet management services to various large and medium organizations across Australia. We have custom and flexible solutions for the management of fleet and leasing solutions. Our fleet managers use rich expertise to help you make the best procurement decisions for your business.

Besides, Autotrac also offers advanced and comprehensive reporting options to save your money and time on operational costs and fleet management. For businesses with a huge number of vehicles on board, Autotrac can help find the best solutions that suit your needs and keep the business operations smooth.

Autotrac’s Fleet Management solution is the turnkey offer created to set your deployment of success. From procurement of vehicles to maintenance and repairing, real-time reporting, and more, the fleet managers coordinate with business owners to ensure optimization of the system and successful results. In the agile environment, a robust solution can offer the best results so that you can benefit from the new opportunities.

Free up the valuable resources and operational costs with Autotrac Fleet Management Services today. Contact the expert fleet managers and executives to discuss your specific needs and get the competitive fleet management quote today from us so that you can choose the required services depending upon your business needs.