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Full Car Inspection

Do you have concerns about the quality of your car’s condition? Are you looking for a professional car inspection in Melbourne? Autotrac is here to give you the confidence you need about your vehicle’s conditions. A Full Car Inspection by qualified mechanics gives you peace of mind knowing that your car is at its full potential. The car inspection service includes a thorough visual examination of the car with close attention to roadworthiness and safety.

Full Vehicle Inspection

The authorized service managers and mechanics offer comprehensive Full Car Inspection of different makes and models. Autotrac is the leading car inspection company specializing in pre-purchase, mobile car inspection, and roadworthy inspection for sellers and buyers. Our car inspection experts and mechanics offer peace of mind and great confidence to car sellers and buyers by offering them comprehensive car inspection services.

With Autotrac, you don’t have to wonder whether the seller in the condition claims the vehicle you are buying. Every detail will be thoroughly checked and inspected, from mechanical status to electrical inspection to accident history and safety details. When you have experts by your side, feel secure and safe in your purchase!

Whether you are planning to buy your next car or want to give the next buyer full confidence in the car’s reliability, Autotrac has it all to cover. Our mechanics and technicians will visit the car’s location, conduct a Full Vehicle Inspection, and share a comprehensive inspection report with you.

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Why is Full Car Inspection Important?

Roadworthy and statutory inspections don’t necessarily clear the car of some repairs and faults it needs in the future. The car sold with a roadworthy certificate doesn’t mean it is in top condition. Safety inspection doesn’t cover the overall car’s condition. So, hiring a Full Car Inspection Melbourne is necessary.

Safety and Peace of Mind

Buying or driving a car that is not roadworthy can be risky. To ensure that your vehicle is safe for you and others, you must perform a safety inspection by qualified mechanics. At Autotrac, we take care of the safety aspects of the vehicle and provide a detailed inspection report on request. The report highlights the safety aspects and the work that may be required in the future to sustain the safety.

Pre-Purchase Inspections

If you plan to buy your next car, it is important to find a Full Car Inspection near Me for a pre-purchase inspection. The expert mechanic’s opinion will give you an in-depth understanding of the necessary repairs required in the car to maintain its safety. Besides, a pre-purchase inspection is also useful when selling a car as it gives confidence to buyers who intend to buy your car.

Warranty Inspection

Knowing what parts are covered under warranty and the duration can help you save money when the warranty expires. So, with a full inspection, one can get a report on the car’s warranty.

Long-Road Trip

Hiring a Full Mechanical Inspection before taking a long road trip ensures that the car is in good condition. Long trips stress your car’s engine, and different terrains require different car preparation and styles of driving. With a mechanical inspection, you can have a full report covering all the areas of the vehicle from top to bottom.

Roadworthy Certificates

Every car sold or bought in Australia need an Australian Roadworthy Certificate. Because you are working with Autotrac, you can rest assured that your car is thoroughly inspected for complete peace of mind. It will help your car to get the Roadworthy Certificate.

Child Safety and Restraint

Proper installation of seatbelts, baby seats, and boosters is necessary to ensure the highest safety of your kids and family. The expert mechanics ensure that all installations are consultative, meaning all steps of installations are clearly explained.

What Does the Full Car Inspection Include?

Our expert team comprises qualified, licensed, and experienced “A” grade technicians and mechanics, including factory-trained professionals. The experienced mechanics and technicians conduct Full Car Inspection Essendon to ensure the new investment proves to be profitable. The car inspection service includes the following:

  • Inspection of the engine, mechanical, transmission, electrical, drive-line, cooling system pressure testing, CO2 head leak testing, and more
  • Inspection of brakes, undercarriage suspension, exhaust, tires, Drive-line, 4×4, etc
  • Car’s modules diagnostic scanning and all system scanning
  • Complete body inspection, including precious accident repairs, paint thickness measurement, previous major repairs on the body, re-sprays, inspection of rusting and rust repairs, shuts and cuts, and confirmation on if it has factor paint or not.
  • Seat belts, internal air bags, air conditioning system, switches, and trims inspection
  • Road inspection of brakes, car, performance, transmission, noises, and turbo
  • Detailed reports, including pictures and PDF reports, were emailed to the customers.
  • History inspection reports that highlight the encumbrances, history, odometer discrepancy, and more
  • Mechanics and technicians call the customers and discuss the conditions, share the findings, and answer their queries.

Who Can Hire Full Car Inspection Melbourne?

Both car buyers and sellers can benefit from the Full Inspection Services.

Car Buyers

If you plan to buy your next car, it is important to look for a Full Inspection Car near Me. The Full Inspection gives you a thorough rundown of the car’s conditions, safety, and quality, enabling you to know whether you are getting a good deal or wasting your money. The car inspection report allows buyers to negotiate with the sellers for a better price or deal.

Car Sellers

Even when selling your used vehicle, the full inspection can help heighten the negotiating power with the buyers. With a detailed and positive report, you can easily prove to the buyers that the condition is excellent and they are getting a well-maintained and quality vehicle. So, they can set a higher sale price for their car based on the positive Full Car Inspection reports.

Whether you are buying a new car or want to sell your used car, look for the best Full Vehicle Inspection near Me that can help you in the long run to find a great deal on your next purchase or sale.

Friendly Car Inspection Backed by Autotrac!

Full Car Inspection rules across Australia are different in each state and known by different names. But you can enjoy a friendly inspection service when you hire Autotrac as your car inspection partner.

Autotrac is the largest and leading service provider in Australia, with a friendly team of experienced and licensed mechanics, technicians, and managers that offer friendly local services across the nation. Being a trusted and reliable service provider, we focus on working straightforwardly and providing detailed reports. Our reports are easy-to-understand and implementable reports.

So, take out the guesswork from buying and selling a vehicle by hiring the reliable and leading Full Vehicle Inspection of Autotrac and get a detailed expert report to make a wise and informed decision. Contact our team today to get a free quote on the inspection services.

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