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Taking care of the tyres on your car is like taking care of yourself. If you don’t get regular maintenance and servicing done on your tires, your car will break down. If you neglect your health, your body will break down. In fact, the one can affect the other in that problems with your car can cause you financial strain as well as directly impact on your physical and mental health. So save yourself all that stress and anxiety and come on down to Autotrac in Essendon North.

tyre repair and replacement

We have been specialising in automotive service and repair for over 40 years initially beginning as a workshop for exhaust and air conditioning services. We are proud to announce that we will now be expanding our services to include tyre repair and replacement as well, and offering affordable wheel and tyre packages in Melbourne at competitive rates.

Tyres are an integral part of your vehicle and they are the only part of your vehicle that makes contact with the road. This means that over time, your tyres can suffer from general wear and tear. This can accumulate quicker due to your driving habits and road conditions as well as the climate. The problem that many people face is that they don’t even know how to tell if their tyres are worn out or close to wearing out. It goes without saying that badly worn tyres are dangerous and can affect your car’s ability to brake or corner – particularly on a wet road.

So how can you tell if your tyres are worn out? Well, your tyre manufacturer builds a handy little thing called a tread wear indicator into the tread grooves at regular intervals around the tyre to indicate when it is worn to its limit of safety. The minimum legal tread depth is 1.5 mm across the width of the tread; however, it is recommended that a tyre is replaced once the tread depth is down to approximately 2mm. It is best to replace all four tyres at the same time. Mismatched tyres can affect the overall balance and road grip of your vehicle.

If you live in Melbourne and are in need of tyre repair or replacement, look no further than Autotrac. Here at Autotrac, we only source the best tyres from all the biggest tyre manufacturers like Goodyear, Dunlop, Pirelli, Bridgestone, Continental, Hankook, Kumho Tyre, Michelin, Toyo Tires and Yokohama just to name a few. We have tyres for all sorts of vehicles from cars, SUVs and 4WDs.

Tyre Service

Autotrac has always been about adapting with the times and breaking new ground. So it should come as no surprise to you to hear that we also use puncture-free tyres, subject to availability. Puncture-free tyres have revolutionalised the Australian tyre market because the self-healing technology completely removes the need to replace the tyre after a puncture. This means that even after a puncture, the tyre remains inflated without dropping in pressure, for the entire life of the tyre. It is designed to seal punctures in the harshest of weather conditions meaning you don’t have to worry about tyre failure if you come across some unexpected debris on the road on a particularly bad day. Puncture-free tyres are the way to go to prioritise you and your family’s safety as they provide extra protection for inexperienced drivers. It can also give you greater confidence while driving at night and during all sorts of tricky situations where things could go wrong such as the mad rush during morning peak-hour traffic.

Not only do we offer amazing tyre specials that you won’t find anywhere else in Melbourne, we also use the latest high-end technology including wheel balancing machines made in Italy. These are heavy-duty computerised machines with light and weight laser guidance as well as many other features. One of these features is an LED spotlight which lights up the work area and makes it easier to provide more accurate wheel balancing and to clean the rim, check the wheel and apply weights. Another feature is clamping, with one of the machines featuring a new automatic wheel clamping system with constant torque for shorter operative times and higher centring accuracy.

Not only can you find the trustiest tyres at the cheapest prices in Melbourne at Autotrac, but we can also render you special VIP service in the form of our Melbourne Airport valet car park. Located just 10 minutes away from Melbourne Airport and 5 minutes away from both Essendon DFO and Essendon Airport, we offer secure short-term and long-term storage in a private undercover car park and you can rest assured that your car is in safe hands as we have CCTV cameras on site. All we need is a photocopy of the ownership and insurance of the vehicle and in return, we will convey to you in writing that the car is securely under our supervision and storage. Our valet car park is extremely convenient if you need work done on your tyres while you’re away or more comprehensive mechanical repair. At Autotrac, mechanical repair work is our bread and butter and you can get both major and minor service done on your 4-wheeled pride and joy while you put your feet up and relax on vacation.

By now, you should have a fair idea why Autotrac is so highly regarded by Melburnians as the best place to get top-quality and affordable tyres. After all, we wouldn’t be around for what is now the 48th year if we didn’t know a thing or two about satisfying customers and keeping them coming back for more.